In each year group students complete a food project comprising of sessions spread over a number of weeks focusing on food from around the world.

Curriculum Outline: Key Stage 4

Students combine practical skills with knowledge and understanding, learning about food in the social context of developing cooking skills for life and knowledge of nutrition for health.

The demand for new food products and safety measures means that employment of food scientists, sensory analysts and food technologists is increasing along with a rise in nutritional awareness requiring more food health professionals e.g. dietician and nutritionist.

The food projects in KS3 are developed to include:

GCSE students follow units of learning with a focus on food preparation and nutrition:

  • Food, nutrition and health: macro nutrients, micro nutrients, nutritional needs and health
  • Food science: cooking of food, heat transfer and the functional and chemical properties of food
  • Food safety: food Spoilage, contamination and the principles of food safety
  • Food choice: factors affecting food choice, British and international cuisines, sensory evaluation, food labelling and marketing
  • Food provenance: environmental impact and sustainability of food, food processing and production

Department Staff
Staff Role
Mrs S Garbutt Head of Health Education
Mrs R Humble Food Technician
Mrs J Loughran Food Technician