Psychology is a social science that studies the mind and behaviour of individuals. It is a fascinating subject which is new to most students.

Curriculum Outline: Key Stage 5

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the mind. It offers a unique educational experience that develops a distinctive and broad set of skills. It's located in scientific method and allows scope for extensive evaluation from a range of perspectives. Our A Level specification provides students with the exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of psychology. Stimulating content is at the heart of this engaging qualification, which will encourage students to think like psychologists. They will have the opportunity to develop a wide[1]ranging set of key skills, including being able to communicate effectively using appropriate language, to interpret and critically assess scientific data, and to research and critically evaluate a range of sources. The specification also encourages the development of strong literacy and numeracy skills. The acquisition of such a diverse range of skills will be of great benefit to your students in further education, the workplace and society in general.

Psychology is one of the most popular A-level subject choices at 91porn原创视频. This Post 16 course is attractive to students because it develops a range of valuable skills, including critical analysis, independent thinking and research. These skills are particularly relevant to young people and are transferable to further study and the workplace.

Our qualification offers students an engaging and stimulating introduction to the study of psychology, combined with the academic integrity and skills that Higher Education and employers鈥 value.

We are confident that our鈥痗ourse will continue to ensure that the psychologists of the future will have a fascinating and coherent introduction to the subject as well as the opportunity to experience and apply psychology beyond the specification.

Students will learn a variety of skills including analytical thinking, improved communication, problem solving and many more that will prepare them for an exciting future with the possibility of a range of fantastic careers.

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories, research studies, research methods and ethical issues in relation to the specified content.
  • Students will apply psychological knowledge and understanding of the theoretical content in a range of contexts.
  • Students will analyse, interpret and evaluate psychological concepts, theories, research studies and research methods in relation to the specified content.
  • Students will evaluate therapies and treatments in terms of their appropriateness and effectiveness.
  • Students will be expected to demonstrate their synoptic assessment skills by applying their knowledge and understanding of topics studied in relation to issues and debates in psychology.
  • Knowledge and understanding of research methods, practical research skills and mathematical skills will be developed through study of the specification content and through ethical practical research activities.

Department Staff
Staff Role
Mrs R Hussain Head of Department
Mrs A Harrison Teacher of Psychology