Sociology is a fascinating and diverse subject that looks at how society functions including what happens when norms and values are challenged.

Curriculum Outline: Key Stage 5

Sociology deals with everyday things that we all know about and think we understand such as family, crime, education.

Does where you live make a difference to you, your lifestyle and your future?

Does being female make a difference to your life chances? Why do some people commit crime and others don't? Why do girls excel overall at all levels of education yet men still earn more money than women and achieve more positions of power?

The world we live in is constantly changing. Sociology helps you to understand why and how it was, how it is now, and maybe even how it might be in the future.

Our students have entered university on many different degree courses including Sociology, Criminology, Politics, Law, History, Psychology, Business Studies, Sports Studies, medical courses eg nursing, physiotherapy, radiography and of course teaching. Sociology is a subject that links with any future employment that involves people!

Department Staff
Staff Role
Mrs A Harrison Head of Sociology
Mrs S Latham Teacher of Sociology