Staff at 91porn原创视频 are today celebrating with last year鈥檚 Year 11 students as they receive their exam results. As we wave you off for a well-deserved summer break, we couldn't miss this chance to express our admiration for each and every one of you.

These students have had a considerable amount of disruption to their studies and they have shown determination and resilience to ensure that they received the results that they deserve. Alongside the students鈥 hard work, staff at the academy and parents/carers have all played their part in contributing to today鈥檚 results. Mr King (Deputy Headteacher: Assessment) has worked very closely with the year group - 鈥淚t has been an absolute pleasure to work with Year 11 in the build up to the summer examinations - the students have risen to the occasion and should be proud of their achievements. This year has been a real team effort and I鈥檓 sure students will agree that they could not have done it without the incredible support from teachers, the pastoral team and parents / guardians at home.鈥

Mr Ball (Head of Key Stage 4) echoed these sentiments, urging the students to 鈥渃elebrate their achievements today and to look forward to building on these from the beginning of September.鈥

Exceptional performances in the academy came from the following:

  • Thomas McDonagh: 5 9s, 3 8s and 2 7s
  • Iqra Ali: 5 9s, 3 8s and 1 7
  • Phoebe Robson: 3 9s, 3 8s, 3 7s
  • Essay Tekeste: 2 9s, 3 8s, 3 7s
  • Jessica Beattie: 2 9s, 2 8s, 3 7s, Distinction*
  • Isobel Coe: 2 9s, 1 8, 5 7s
  • Hibah Naalim: 2 9s, 1 8, 4 7s
  • Elizabeth Dalton: 2 9s, 1 8, 2 7s
  • Todd Finn: 1 9, 3 8s, 2 7s
  • Roshaan Hussain: 1 9, 3 8s, 2 7s
  • Krishaan Sivachelvam: 1 9, 3 8s, 2 7s
  • Heidi Peat: 1 9, 2 8s, 4 7s
  • Hannah McGouran: 1 9, 2 8s, 3 7s
  • Ava Savvery-Robinson: 1 9, 2 8s, 3 7s
  • Tyrese Grundle: 1 9, 1 8, 3 7s
  • Alfie Bell: 7 8s, 3 7s
  • Harry Bell: 4 8s, 4 7s
Additionally, the following students are amongst those who have made the most progress in their time at the academy: Neve Maloney, Dina Kader, Rand Abo-Alsel, Aleena Hussain, Asia Jankiewicz and Raiyani Juma.

Headteacher Rachel Coning said, 鈥渨e are very proud of this year鈥檚 Year 11 cohort; they have been a fantastic year group to work with. It is always pleasing to see so many students staying at the academy in Post 16 and continuing their educational journey with us. We wish all of our students well in whatever they go on to do next.鈥