The annual Year 11 Prom was held last Friday evening, and what a night it was! A true and fitting conclusion for our Year 11 students.

They arrived in style, greeted by hundreds of family and friends who had gathered to watch. From limos and sports cars to even the Ghostbusters' iconic vehicle, the arrivals were nothing short of spectacular.

The evening kicked off in a transformed dining hall, perfect for the celebration. Miss Parkinson and the tutor team opened the party, followed by a stellar performance by Year 11 student Henry, which was met with enthusiastic and extremely excited applause.

The focus then shifted to the dance floor with live music from Newcastle band Hip Hop Hooray, featuring our very own Head of Music, Mr Taylor. The festivities culminated in the announcement of Prom King and Queen, complete with stunning pyrotechnics and confetti.

It was a pleasure to see everyone celebrating and saying goodbye to this chapter in their school lives. We look forward to seeing you all on results day and back in Post 16.