Here at the academy we are today holding our very own mock election.

This is a key part of Global Citizenship ensuring our young people have the skills and understanding to make informed decisions when they become voting age. Heidi from Post 16 has been instrumental in running this year's mock election, to find out more watch the clip.

Our Post 16 politics students have also recently been discussing the importance of voting:

  • Civic Responsibility: Voting is a fundamental part of democracy. Understanding the process and significance of voting empowers young people to participate actively in shaping their society.
  • Representation: By voting, young people ensure their voices and concerns are heard. Politicians are more likely to address issues important to younger generations if they see high voter turnout among this group.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Understanding voting helps young people make informed choices about who represents them in government, leading to better governance and policies that reflect the population's needs.
  • Future Engagement: Early education about voting fosters lifelong habits of civic engagement. Young voters are more likely to continue participating in elections and civic activities throughout their lives.
  • Community Impact: Voting influences local and national decisions that affect daily life, including education, healthcare, and employment. Young people who vote can directly impact these areas.
  • Combating Apathy: Educating young people about the importance of voting can combat political apathy and disengagement, encouraging a more active and vibrant democratic society.
We look forward to sharing our mock election results very soon.